I’ve got a box full of KERA Japanese fashion magazines for sale. I need to get rid of this old stock, so I’m cutting down the price by 50%. GET YOUR COPY NOW FOR ONLY $5!

This issue is from November of 2010. Over 180 pages. These came directly from the publisher in JAPAN. They are in brand new condition in the box, never read or handled.

If you’re in TORONTO and you want to get one of these, send me an email at: info [at] style invasion dot com.


kera magazine toronto

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Robin JooBin is a fashion designer based in Toronto, Canada. Her brand, Pinkly Ever After, features clothing and accessories inspired by fairy tales and Japanese magical girl anime. Watch the video to learn more!

Visit Pinkly Ever After online.

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Guest Post by Eve Green

vintage clothes

Nothing can give your style status like a vintage garment or accessory. With fashion constantly making references to eras gone by, there’s nothing like having “the real deal” when you want to give a nod to the past with your ensemble. Best of all, when you buy a vintage piece there’s often very few of that item left in the world – making it not quite, but almost one-of-a-kind. That in itself gives your outfit an edge!

Vintage clothing has become massively popular over the last few years, with celebrity fashionistas embracing it the most. Whether it’s Kate Moss rocking a pair of vintage Vivienne Westwood pirate boots, or Lady Gaga sauntering up the red carpet in a show-stopping antique Dior gown, many celebs are rail-rifling their way through the world of vintage fashion. Perhaps the best known clothes horse for vintage style is the queen of vintage herself, Dita Von Teese – who lives and breathes 1950’s glam.

Vintage shopping is all about patiently hunting for the best finds, and won’t satisfy those shopaholic urges like traditional shopping will. You can spend what seems like an eternity scouring vintage clothing stores to no avail – but if you persist, you’ll eventually find that piece that makes it all worth while.

So what do you need to know about buying vintage clothes? Here are some tips!

Where to Buy
Internet shopping is fantastic when it comes to buying contemporary fashion – high quality photographs, detailed descriptions, customer reviews, and measurement charts. It’s all brand new and less likely to be faulty. It’s not that often that you have to send anything back – especially when you’ve made previous purchases from a certain brand or retailer before.

Online vintage clothing stores on the other hand don’t give you all these options. Because the items are second hand, and in a lot of cases many decades old, wear and tear is to be expected. The extent of this wear and tear (and potential smells!) is best gauged in person – therefore it’s much better to seek out your vintage finds in person, at your nearest vintage clothing stores (which you can easily locate via good old google).

If you do take your chances by purchasing vintage clothes online however, make sure a returns policy is in place. Know your rights, so should the item not be what you expected you can return it for a full refund.

You’re in the vintage store raiding the rails, you pull back a haggard dress that you wouldn’t even bury your mother-in-law in… and then you see it. It’s love at first sight. You’ve found the vintage clothing equivalent of a soul mate! Now what? Like with any potential soul mate, you give them a thorough once over of course!

What to look for:

  • Check the zippers, buttons, and other embellishments. Are they all there? Do the zippers function properly? If they’re not, can you replace them?
  • Tears. Are they noticeable? Are they easily repairable?
  • Does it smell? With the exception of I-think-someone-might-have-died-in-this smells, some vintage garments might just have that musty old-clothes smell about them, or the previous owner’s perfume. Usually this will go away after a wash or two (if the item is washable of course) though if it can’t be washed, a gentle odour neutralizing spray will help – as will a great many other methods.
  • Stains. Whilst some stains can be removed by hand (or even restoration professionals), others are just too resilient to get rid of – especially if they were made a long time ago. If it doesn’t look like something you can tackle, you’re best off keeping your money and continuing on with your search.

Remember. If there are flaws in a potential purchase, factor that into the price and ask yourself if you really think it’s worth investing in.

Most women will try on clothing before buying it. This is even more essential with vintage clothing. In some eras (such as the 50′s) the average woman’s body shape was different to what it is now, and so clothing designers catered towards that. Whilst the label might say it’s your size, it’s always worth making sure so you can ensure the cut and fit is flattering to your figure. If you’re confident in your abilities with a needle and thread however, you can always alter the garment yourself.

A few more things to consider:

  • Take an opportunity when you see it: If something catches your eye and it’s within your budget – grab it! There’s a good chance the opportunity will never come around again.
  • Care: Every vintage piece will have different care and washing requirements. Some pieces won’t have labels. If you’re unsure, make sure you ask the seller. If you’re still unsure, do plenty of research before doing anything rash!
  • Will I wear it? What will it go with?: This is probably something we should ask ourselves during EVERY clothing purchase, not just clothes of the vintage variety.
  • Is it worth it?: Naturally a vintage designer piece will cost an absolute fortune in comparison to something with no label. When you take that into account, along with age, rarity and condition, it all factors into the price. However, if you like something, but don’t think it’s worth the price for you – then that’s all the reason you need not to buy it.

And there you have it. All the best with your forays into vintage fashion!

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The world of personal style blogging continues to grow at a rapid pace. It seems that anyone with a camera and a closetful of clothes is getting in on the act these days. With so many choices out there, it’s hard to separate the good from the not-so-good. It’s been a couple of years since we brought you our list of the 25 best personal style blogs, so now we’ve handpicked another bunch of gems for you. Here are the 25 personal style blogs Style Invasion is loving the most in 2013:

The Blonde Salad
Chiara Ferragni is a student, blogger, and lover of life. Based in Italy, Ferragni started The Blonde Salad in October of 2009 and has quickly grown to be a personal style juggernaut. Mamma mia!

personal style blog - the blonde salad

The Haute Pursuit
We’ve had our eye on this blog for several years, following Vanessa on her wanderings between Vancouver, Beijing and New York. One thing we’ve learned is that she definitely loves her some leopard print!

personal style blog - the haute pursuit

My Style Pill
Christine is a personal stylist, wardrobe consultant and magazine editor in New York. Pop one of her style pills and get high, junkie!

personal style blog - my style pill

Break My Style
Laureen Uy, where have your dashing and daring fashion combinations been all our lives! The Philippines? Oh!

personal style blog - break my style

Poor Little It Girl
A shopping and personal style blog by Cathy Anderson. Great ideas for people who love fashion but don’t have a ton of cash.

personal style blog - poor little it girl

Pink Peonies
Put your hand up if you have no idea what the hell a peony is. Well, check out this blog and you’re sure to find out.

personal style blog - pink peonies

The personal lookbook of a super-stylish east coast girl that’s currently enjoying California life.

personal style blog - atlantic-pacific

Classy Girls Wear Pearls
Sarah Vickers is a New England girl in pursuit of quality fashion, friendship and coastal living. She also looks a hell of a lot like Princess Kate.

personal style blog - classy girls wear pearls

Kendi Everyday
If you love wine, forget to walk your dog on a regular basis, and can’t help yourself when presented with a cute shirt on sale, then this blog is definitely for you. Based in Texas.

personal style blog - kendi everyday

Penny Pincher Fashion
Helmed by a stay-at-home mom living in upstate New York. Features frugal fashion sensibilities that encourage women to look stylish without spending a fortune.

personal style blog - penny pincher fashion

Personal Style
There’s a lot of Spanish on this Personal Style blog. If you can read Spanish, you’re gonna love it. If not, you’re still gonna love it.

personal style blog - personal style

Lynne Gabriel
Cute and sassy style from a girl whose mom convinced her to start blogging. Hi Mom!

personal style blog - lynne gabriel

Always Judging
This blogger’s style motto is to always dress down, stay basic, and focus in on one detail in every outfit that makes you stand out. Sounds good to us!

personal style blog - always judging

La Jolie Julie
Is it wrong to have a huge crush on a cute style blogger from Romania? Hell no!

personal style blog - la jolie julie

Wendy’s Lookbook
We love Wendy’s style. It makes us feel kinda funny. Like when we used to climb the rope in gym class.

personal style blog - wendy's lookbook

Kristina Bazan’s Kayture is not just a personal style blog based in Switzerland, it’s an unstoppable machine that will swallow you up if you get anywhere near it. Enter at your own risk. You’ve been warned.

personal style blog - kayture

Tuula is the magnificent style diary of a travel-loving girl with an overflowing wardrobe.

personal style blog - tuula

5 Inch and Up
We know what you were thinking when you read the title of this style blog. Shame on you.

personal style blog - 5 inch and up

Native Fox
Amazing outifts and top-notch photographs make this foxy lady’s blog a must-see.

personal style blog - native fox

Nany’s Klozet
Daniela has just one desire: to share her daily outfits with you. Her mission is to let you know that you don’t need millions to look like a million dollars. God bless you, Daniela.

personal style blog - nany's klozet

Neon Blush
Join Jenny Ong as she travels the path of personal style enlightenment. Neon Blush, baby!

personal style blog - neon blush

The blog of Melanie Pangilinan, a fashion junkie, web designer, and aesthetic perfectionist living on the edge of the Jersey Shore.

personal style blog - aetherlily

Angel Food
Angel Food makes us hungry just thinking about it. Hungry for fashion!

personal style blog - angel food

Angy’s Tea Room
She’s a Russian girl currently living in Italy. Apparently, she likes tea. But you’ll be too busy eyeing her outfits to give a crap about that.

personal style blog - angy's tea room

Cecylia is another fashionista we’ve been fond of these last few years. She’s really come into her own as a personal style blogger and it’s been great seeing her evolve and move forward. Based in Australia.

personal style blog - cecylia

Do you have a favourite personal style blog? Mention it in the COMMENTS section, or by email: info [at] styleinvasion [dotcom]!

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HOSHI★FURU is a rock band from the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Ontario, Canada. Originally formed in 2008, the line-up consists of Maria on vocals, Nan on guitar, Nick on bass, and Danny on drums. Their music is influenced by a variety of genres such as Japanese rock and pop, hardcore punk, metal, and screamo. The band released their debut EP on March 15th, 2013.

As a long-time friend and fan of HOSHI★FURU, Style Invasion would like to mark the occasion by giving away 2 CD copies of their EP.
EDIT: The giveaway is now over – thanks to those who entered!

hoshifuru japanese-influenced rock band from the greater toronto area

Here is their freshly released first ever music video, for the song “KIWOONG KIM”!

Get a full preview of HOSHI★FURU’s EP on their bandcamp page!

hoshifuru japanese-influenced band from the greater toronto area

Check out the band on facebook!

hoshifuru octogirl artwork

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tokyo street fashion

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tokyo street fashion

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